Message from the President and CEO,
Representative Director

Our company name “Hyperion Tokyo” is the name of the sun god in Greek mythology.Originally, the sun rises from the east every morning and sets in the evening west, bringing grace to the earth. For humans who are natural gods and live in nature, it has been believed to have a great influence on their lives. We set out with the strong desire to “be indispensable to the people of the world” like the sun god and a big dream that would not fit our body. We will continue to work forever, and in the future, as a business of our business, the harmony, coexistence, and development of energy x economy, people x environment, and we will continue to be truly like the sun that everyone needs. I really think. And “Hyperion Tokyo”
Tokyo is an overwhelming brand name in the world, and we are proud that it is Made in Tokyo/Made in Japan, and with the pride
we want to push forward strongly with our overseas business development. We are.

President and CEO Katsuhiko Suzuki

Company Information

Who we are Hyperion Tokyo Inc.
Location of Head office 6F Kishimoto bldg.
2-2-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
President and CEO Katsuhiko Suzuki
Main phone +81 3 4590 0297
Business content
  • Construction
  • Renewable energy consulting
  • Real estate agent
  • Vietnam advancement support consulting
  • Recruitment
  • Buying and managing copyrights and other intellectual property rights of images, music, publishing, etc.License and operation
  • Non-life insurance
Corporation lawyer OH-E BASHI LAW office, Nao lawyer Office
Corporation tax adviser Tax office voltage
Subsidiary Company
  • Kronos Inc.
  • Helios LLC   Selene LLC
  • Eos LLC     Phosphoros LLC
  • Hesperos LLC  Astraios LLC
Permit / Registration / License
  • ♦Contractor of ordinary license
    Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s permit
    License No.(ordinary-3)28137
    ♦Electrician business
    Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s permit
    License No. 2021013
    ♦Residential land and building transaction business
    Tokyo Governor’s permit
    License No.(1) 105046
    ♦Charged Employment Placement Businesses
    Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare’s permit
    License No.13-ユ-311961
    ♦Secondhand dealer permit
    Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission’s permit
    License No.301012115281
Affiliated organization
  • Public Interest Incorporated Association Building Lots and
    Buildings Transaction Guarantee Association
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • General incorporated association JIMA
  • The Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation